.NET ("dotnet")


.NET is a free and open-source, managed computer software framework. It is a cross-platform successor to .NET Framework and released under the MIT License.

.NET on FreeBSD


  1. Reliably produce FreeBSD .NET binaries on an ongoing basis, and fix blocking issues and report/resolve upstream. Status:In-Progress

  2. Assist upstream getting native FreeBSD .NET built, tested (CI) and binary packages produced on an on-going and official basis. Status: In-Progress

  3. Create FreeBSD Ports from source (natively) for all .NET components and produce official packages for supported architectures. Status: Not Started


Adding FreeBSD Support to .NET is in progress with upstream work taking place mostly in the following issues:

Concurrently, a number of contributors are working in non-upstream repositories to resolve issues and produce FreeBSD .NET binaries (Native and under Linux Emulation) until upstream is able to do so.

Get Involved!

Developers and users can help in the following ways:

Building .NET on FreeBSD

This section documents maintained efforts to progress .NET FreeBSD support.

Notably, building .NET requires an existing and working dotnet cli SDK to bootstrap the build, as mentioned in the Workflow Guide: FreeBSD Requirements documentation below.

Producing this binary natively for FreeBSD is the aim of upstream issue #1139 mentioned above.

Until native bootstrap .net cli is available officially from upstream, FreeBSD .NET builds can be produced using either:

  1. Cross-build under Linux Emulation
  2. Natively, using dotnet cli binary built on FreeBSD under Linux Emulation.

Upstream Documentation

Cross-build under Linux Emulation

Native build using Linux bootstrap binary

.NET FreeBSD Binary Releases

The above GitHub (thefrank and sec) projects produce .NET FreeBSD Release Binaries:

Developers and users are encouraged to test and provide feedback on these releases, report bugs, and provide improvements to the builds.

Earlier and Other Work

This section documents earlier work that may continue to prove useful as references.

.NET Framework Ports

.NET Framework 2.x

.NET Framework 1.1

.NET Framework 1.0

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