Day 1

Day 2

Room options:

This URL shows the buildings:

Fauteux building, room 147A & 147B - B.JPG

Lamoureux 219 - 60 people Lamoureux 360 - 30 people 360.JPG Lamoureux 405 - 30 people 405.JPG Lamoureux 407 - 30 people 407.JPG

I recommend rooms: 219 and 405

We can have access to both rooms until midnight. However, on both days, I've told U of O that the tech guy can leave at 5. However, we need to tell them what time the room can be locked. I'll tell them 5pm. You can stay in the room until later, just if you leave, you can't get back in.

Per-room Requirements (both rooms, both days)


* It's important that we have some diet pop for diabetic developers.

Hacking Lounge internet connectivity

dvl says: all rooms in residence will have internet access.

Each floor in residence has a lounge, but fitting 60 people into it will be impossible.

There is a larger "lounge" on the ground floor that you can rent for the Fri and Sat nights only. This will be $350 a night and has internet access. dvl needs a yes/no on this feature and you should find out who will pay for $700.... The room looks like this (more pictures here)

For Wed/Thu nights, I suggest the lounges on each residence floor.




Ashish Karkare


Dan Langille


David Maxwell


Mark Pettit


Partho Mishra


Rafal Jaworoski


Justin Gibbs

Kris Kennaway

Kirk McKusick

Paul Saab

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