Pizza, Wednesday and Thursday

17:45 <@dvl> Pizza for 75 people.
17:46 <@dvl> 2 slices each.  150 slices.  8 slices a pie.  => 20 pies.
17:46 <@dvl> Roughly $400 I think
17:46 <@dvl> speaking of pizza, I may go there now for lunch!
17:47 <@dvl> and let them know.

Dinner May 6 - Wednesday

Dinner May 7 - Thursday

May 7 - Thursday

Room Requirements

This section helps the DevSummit and BSDCan organizors keep track of the rooms required for the DevSummit.

[julian: Last year's room was way less that optimal, especially as we seemed to have to share it with a high school class who's teachers insisted that we had not booked it. We should have a formal booking number this year if possible and check it multiple times.]

See also 200705DevSummitLogistics

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