Documentation session

The FreeBSD Documentation team are using an extra day before the 201208DevSummit to discuss documentation topics - this is on Tuesday 28 August, from 10am in room FW11 of the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, and should enable doc people to also attend the main DevSummit.

A provisional agenda is set out below - and will evolve as the day goes on.

Feel free to add more details and topics yourself.

Possible agenda items:

  1. Printed edition of the Handbook. There is still a desire for an updated printed version of the handbook. What do we need to do to make this happen?
  2. Rearranging the handbook, possibly moving content elsewhere that shouldn't be in.
  3. Getting more src committers to contribute and update documentation
  4. Website (Thoughts on updates/layout/redesign?)
  5. Translation
    1. Out of date translations on the website
    2. Notification for when translations need updating
  6. Release notes
  7. Migration Guide for Downstream Consumers (Switching from CVS to SVN)
  8. Official PkgNg documentation for individual use and site-wide development

Sandwiches are provided at lunch time.

Attendance will also be possible via Skype, if you would like to be involved please contact GavinAtkinson. If remote participants have specific items they wish to be involved in, let GavinAtkinson know (and include your availability/timezone) and we can arrange schedules accordingly.








attending remotely



Attendance by Skype or similar should also be available, technology permitting. Minutes and notes were taken using OpenEtherPad, a permanent copy of the resulting notes are at /Notes

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