DNS records for pkgng mirrors

Attendees: brd, bz

brd raises the point that he wants a more flexible mirroring scheme for pkgng to be able to shift old/cold sets to less mirrors or have hot sets on a wider distribution, as well as being able to split pkg set mirrors to multiple machines.

The proposed model would be to encode the following into the lookup:

This would resemble the local part prefix of the current URLs but encoded into the hostname, as in: 10.x86-32.pkg.freebsd.org

bz generally supports the idea of the split and actually would really love to see this. Concerned about implementation details on how to have 3 major versions times 16ish possible build targets times different combinations of mirrors properly supported without a huge set of DNS entries.

In the after-math bz wonders if NAPTR records encoding the multiple tuples pointing to SRV set names would actually be the best?


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