Performance testing

Chair Person: DanLangille


There are many things we can measure with performance testing. The chair has particular areas of interest but welcomes others to join with their own topics.

The following list started with the chair's topics, but was expanded as others joined in.


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zfs benchmark





The original notes taken during session:

Copy paste of above, so it's here:

Matt Ahrens Blog about ZFS stripe width:

How long does it take to resilver with:

raid z: repeat benchmarks for each number of disks, and look for *-modal distributions

bcr: steal his dtrace script steal Adam Leventhal's dtrace scripts, and Brenden Greggs jmg has latency checking script

Ensure block sizes of the drives are identical (expect 4k) (For enterprise, most of the HDD are still 512B of block size (512n or 512e?)) 512 native.

marcelo / bapt have some benchmarking tools: Zopkio to dispatch, collect and process logs (Used at gandi)

zfs snapshot performance, delete 10,000s of snapshots = degraded performance until reboot benchmark 'zfs list' with different levels of snapshots

disable during benchmarking:

Use an automated framework like this:

compression benchmarks

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