FreeBSD Foundation-supported projects: call for ideas, November 2021


FreeBSD hackers (2021-11-23)

FreeBSD Forums

Summary of ideas


Automated tool to configure a working Xorg setup on most common hardware

More programmable/scriptable configs

Containers, including jails

Application container framework like Linux OCI

Automatic jailing of services and applications

FUSE for unprivileged users in jail

Complete Firefox Capsicum support / firejail for FreeBSD

Jail configuration improvements

Jail creation and usage as non-root

Jail orchestration in base

Monitoring jails from outside using bsnmpd

OCI-compatible creation of jails


DTrace buffer panic survival and a way to recover whatever is left from ddb/core dumps for post-mortem analysis


ARM/ARM64 devices

bhyve and ipfw

iflib(4) network interface driver framework

File systems

Data sharing, without full population of the file system

exFAT and F2FS native

XFS native

unionfs issues


AMD: GPU programming support / (ROCm)

ARM: Panfrost/Lima support for Mali GPU

CUDA framework support

NVIDIA: nouveau


CPU/RAM hotplug support

ECC memory status and reporting: support Ryzen and all other capable processors

NUMA support

Odroid boards: better support


802.11ac support (including AP)

Better traffic shaper


DHCPv6 client

Dynamic routing

HAST improvements

IP Balancing From OpenBSD's Carp

ipfw: filter icmp not only on icmptype but also on icmpcode

libfetch: http/2 support

IEEE 802.1AE - MACsec support

MPLS support

MPTCP support

pf: logging on state close / expire.

pf: matching and logging receive interface and xmit interface in single rule

pf: SCTP support

Raspberry Pi 400 Wi-Fi

routing: Metric support for routing

routing: Source address selection option for destination route

Support for 'any' network interface such as: tcpdump -ni 'any'

Wireless mesh support

Packaging, ports, poudriere

Distributed Poudriere


Ports CI

Poudriere package seeding


bhyve: GVT-g support

bhyve: suspend/resume

bhyve: virtio-fs support


qemu bsd-user upstreaming

qemu hardware acceleration


.NET (dotnet) support

100% llvm toolchain for base and ports

ARM "CPU cluster" support


Boot loader problems

Calamares installer

Cameras and microphones

FreeBSD golang runtime: squash bugs

freebsd-update improvements

ggate: encrypted connection

Lenovo: regression with P-states and U series processors

NanoBSD improvements

NFS inside VNET jails

PCIe pass-through

Pulse-code modulation (PCM)/sound: play nice with dynamically appearing and disappearing audio device

Raspberry Pi 400 sound over HDMI

rc.subr: support for cpuset


smbfs in base: support SMBv2 and SMBv3

SMP awareness for base tools

Suspend to disk (hibernation)

sysutils/lsof fixes

Thunderbolt / newer USB support

Tor Browser bundle

ULE scheduler improvements

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