Third party projects providing FreeBSD-based releases

There are many "third party" releases based on FreeBSD from other Open Source projects, FreeBSD developers, or individuals. These alternative "distributions" often have (minor) changes to FreeBSD, differ in packaging, provide special solutions or add-on customization.

As the number of FreeBSD-based releases grows, the FreeBSD release engineering team has decided to collect information about these in a central place starting from FreeBSD 9.0. As other projects make FreeBSD-based releases in the future they can be added here; if you are in charge or such a project please provide a FreeBSD developer with appropriate information (FreeBSD version based on, release date, project name, URL) for validation and to be added here.

These projects are not supported by the FreeBSD Project but are only listed here for information.

For releases supported by the FreeBSD Project please visit the FreeBSD Project Release Information webpage.

10.1-RELEASE based

10.0-RELEASE based

9.2-RELEASE based

9.1-RELEASE based

9.0-RELEASE based


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