The Wiki is maintained by the Cluster Administration team (clusteradm@). You can poke them if you have problems with the wiki (e.g. lost password etc.), but please send any reports about issues with the content of the wiki or suggestions for improvement of content to the FreeBSD doc mailing list.

For guest accounts the guest must be vouched for by a committer who must use their PGP key to communicate with clusteradm@ in order to set up accounts.

New accounts

Cookbook version

To be able to edit pages a registered wiki account is needed:

Longer version

NOTE: The default ACL / Access Control List setup has changed on the wiki as of 2010-04-12. Developers now don't have access to edit ALL pages, only all pages by default, IE DevelopersGroup membership does not override #acl lines on the wiki by default anymore. This mainly means that if a bad #acl line is added to a page, you now need to ask one of the WikiAdmins to unbreak it. The reason for the change is to allow specific pages to have a limited number of people with write access etc. Please do not abuse this!

Note that as a general rule only FreeBSD developers get access to edit this wiki. This is done since the wiki was set up for FreeBSD developers, and the wiki administrator(s) don't have time to deal with "normal" user issues.

In practice this is done by the MoinMoin ACL system which by default only lets members of either the DevelopersGroup or the ContributorsGroup edit wiki pages. The DevelopersGroup can edit all pages, except pages explicitly set for more specific edit access using the #acl keyword. All people in the DevelopersGroup can add #acl keywords to pages, but please only use this if it's really needed. People in the ContributorsGroup can edit all pages by default, except they cannot edit the front page, the Group pages nor set #acl tags on pages.

To get access to edit pages simply create an account simply click on the Login link and create an account. Note that moinmoin (the wiki software) uses the convention of FirstLast name (e.g. SimonNielsen) for user names, so it's preferred if people follow this style. Thereafter you need someone who is already in DevelopersGroup to add you to the DevelopersGroup page to allow access to edit pages. You can poke your mentor or another committer for this.

If developers want non-developers/non-committers to have access to the wiki (e.g. for SummerOfCode2007), they can be added to the ContributorsGroup group. Contributors can edit all but a few selected pages.

Unfortunately the current Wiki administrators don't have time to "babysit" the wiki. This means that we will not add people to have write access to the wiki unless they have a developer vouching for them (and in that case said developer should add the contributor). We just don't have the time to deal with it in case an added user, intentional or not, starts breaking pages etc - sorry.

See notes about Developers.

Known Problems


The following modifications have been made to the standard moinmoin. These are added here mainly as a help to the admin in case of future upgrade...

More flags

As suggested by SergeyMatveychuk, a bunch of flags has been added. See the HelpOnSmileys for information on how to use the flags in the wiki. The flags came from and are used here with permission. The following (very elegant!) perl oneliner was used to convert to moinmoin config format:

ls *.gif | perl -ne 'chomp; /(.*)\.gif/; print "    \"{flag-$1}\":  (18, 12, 1, \"flags/$1.gif\"),\n";'

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