Codename iport

iport is codename for a collection of scripts that helps me with port-related tasks. It is in early stage of development. This page outlines some of design decisions, short- and long-term goals.

Language of choice is Bourne shell at this time. Perl and C may be considered later.

Data storage

Can we justify using a database for managing ports? Portupgrade has some annoying db-related tasks, portmaster could do better if it did have some db. The problem is the way we update ports makes an effecient db solution difficult. In the future, we'll probably develop some server-side solution, like an INDEX file, but in a more efficient format and schema.

At this moment iport tries to avoid using any type of SQL database, and even abstains itself from relying on the INDEX file. iport will try to achieve desirable performance through maintenance of multiple strictly formatted log-like files and replaying them when it needs to.

Some random ideas


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