Blogging Charter

This is a draft for the upcoming Blogging Charter for FreeBSD developers.

  1. Limit your personal posts. It's OK to occasionally post about a new job or life change that the freebsd community would be interested in.
  2. Limit your commercial posts. It wouldn't be cool if someone blogged about their new company or upcoming book or something every week. Once in a while is probably OK for freebsd-related commercial posts.
  3. In general, limit your non-FreeBSD related posts. Posts that don't discuss something FreeBSD related should be rare.
  4. Do not defame/insult other individuals/projects/groups. Limit profanity.
  5. No inappropriate content in general. It is quite hard to define inappropriate as it changes from one person to another. Please understand inappropriate as something that could possibly plausibly conceivably be considered inappropriate in any way, shape or form if taken in context or out of context. A non-exhaustive list of inappropriate topics include content that could be construed as sexist, racist, homophobic, or demeaning to any group of people for their national, cultural, political or religious affiliation. The content of blogs posted here is meant to be technical.

Core reserves the right to temporarily unsubscribe blogs if the content does not match these guidelines.

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