FreeBSD has a way for users to submit Problem Reports. This page gives an introduction to what happens next. (If you're not familiar with how to write a good Problem Report, please start here.)

There is also a good, although slightly out-of-date, reference on how we expect FreeBSD committers to handle PRs.

Note: we are still learning as we are going!

Places To Start

If you are unfamiliar with bugbusting on FreeBSD, this is where you should start; in particular, the Web Resources section. (Yes, there is a lot of detail on that page; you may wish to simply browse it.)

Bugathons are events where we get people to join us on IRC on #freebsd-bugbusters on EFNet at a specific time. We try to go through the current PRs and close as many of them as we can. Watching one of these in progress is a good way to learn how we approach things.

This suggests some ideas on how you can help. It includes information for both committers and non-committers.

This is our sign-up list for the Bugathons (and bugbusting in general). It tries to be a central place to find out who is active and what their interests and expertise are. Feel free to send information to if you would like to join us.

Further Information

This page talks about the state of bugbusting on FreeBSD, and discusses ideas for how we can improve.

This page includes some details about what we have added on to GNATS recently. (This documentation should move to the Handling PRs article).

Some commentary on dealing with PRs that have been flagged as having patches in them.

A to-do list, based on suggestions made in the last few Bugathons.

Pages On The Web


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