Bugzilla Keywords


Bugzilla keywords are labels (or 'tags') that can be applied to individual issues (aka tickets, bugs, reports) to annotate, classify or otherwise describe them in a structured manner.

Keywords are distinct from Components and other classification mechanisms in Bugzilla:

All accounts in Bugzilla have permission to add/remove keywords on issues to better classify their current state.


There are several classes our Bugzilla keywords cover. The links below will take you directly to a list of all open issues with that keyword.

These keywords are used to classify the content or substance of the issue, rather than properties of the issue itself.

These keywords are used to describe which part of FreeBSD the issue is about. /!\ Note: KubilayKocak wants to move these to a different representation in the future.

These keywords are used to describe to which specific hardware the issue is about.

These keywords are used to describe the process flow of the issue as it is worked on.

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