Here's the outline translated from Olli's instructions for 6.4:

  1. Install the version you're going to bootstrap(!) on your machine
  2. Get sources, extract
  3. Avoid building the docs: put BINDIST_DOC_WAYS="" in mk/
  4. Set BIN_DIST=1 and GhcLibWays=""

  5. ./configure && gmake && gmake binary-dist Project=Ghc

  6. mv ghc-6.4 ghc-6.4-boot
  7. Extract old tarball to see what files where in there and nuke the unused
    • files in the fresh build ghc-6.4-boot
    • Eg. in zsh :

      diff -u <(cd ghc-6.2.2-boot && find -s .) <(cd ghc-6.4-boot && find -s .)

  8. Package ghc-6.4-boot and distribute, either Olli Braun or can post it on

I can tell you that testing a build is a major pain due to the huge turnaround time for new builds. You should worry about libreadline-support (if you have it installed, did the bootstrap get linked to it? If not, is readline support okay?) Can you run HelloWorld? I'd strongly suggest building DARCS and using it as a test :) Previously we build with stage=2, I think I had to raise it to 3 for some reason (GHCi).

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