OpenGear CM4148 HowTo

The most common console controllers are OpenGear CM4148s.

Port numbers from OpenGear's FAQ:

2000 Telnet (i.e. 2001 to 2048 on CM4048)
3000 SSH
4000 RAW TCP 
5000 RFC-2217

See also the manual.

Things I always lookup

config -g config.ports.port28

config -s config.ports.port28.label=ahostnameorticketnumber
config -s config.ports.port28.speed=9600
config -s config.ports.port28.charsize=8
config -s config.ports.port28.stop=1
config -s config.ports.port28.parity=None
config -s config.ports.port28.flowcontrol=None

config -s config.ports.port28.protocol=RS232
config -s config.ports.port28.mode=portmanager
config -s config.ports.port28.loglevel=0
config -s config.ports.port28.syslog.facility=Default
config -s config.ports.port28.syslog.priority=Default
config -s config.ports.port28.tcp=on
config -s config.ports.port28.telnet=on
config -s config.ports.port28.terminal=vt220

config -r serialconfig

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