The Cats of FreeBSD

Popular stereotypes suggest software people are cat people. Popular stereotypes are wrong always correct.


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Graham Perrin

Bill a.k.a. Billy a.k.a. Billski Squeakelstiltskin upside-down in 2021, and more recently in a cot after around two weeks in hospital.

cat on a sofa cat in a cot

To the right: Pickle.

cats, side-by-side

jrm - Agnes and Lloyd

Cats Agnes and Lloyd sitting in a box Cats Agnes and Lloyd with crossed legs

pauamma's past overfeline

In September 2017, not long after I moved into $digs[-1], Neighborhood Cat paid his first visit to me. I didn't have a camera then, but I repaired that omission within 3 weeks.

Neighborhood Cat scent-marking a low white table Neighborhood Cat sleeping curled up on bed

During one of his visits, while he was lounging on the bed, I started sweeping the room, thinking nothing of it. I glanced at him at some point and noticed he was watching me very intently. Then, as soon as I started sweeping near and under the bed, he jumped off and ran to the outside door, meowing urgently. A discussion with a neighbor and longtime resident confirmed my suspicion he'd been beaten. I never swept again when he was visiting, and put the broom away at once if I heard him meow outside my door.

Don't ever beat animals - or people

People doing that (or enabling or condoning others doing that) are absolutely vile and deserve vocal contempt and complete shunning. No ifs. No buts. No excuses.






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