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FreeBSD Core Team

The FreeBSD core team is the democratically elected governing body of the FreeBSD project.

Policy Decisions

From time to time core is asked to rule on some dispute or another. Often, the core team tries to articulate a general policy and then use that to judge the dispute.

Solicitation for Donations

In general, solicitations for donations which use project resources (web pages, mailing list, status reports, etc), are handled on a case by case basis. Each solicitation will be judged on its relevance to the FreeBSD project, the requester's connection / track record with the project and the license of the resulting software.

Use of Project Resources

In general, project resources should only be used for project purposes. While some private use of the resources is OK, any such private use should be of limited scope. As a rule, copies of private data should not be kept on project machines. Backups of all private data should be retained on non-project machines. Access to personal data stored on project machines is not guaranteed.

Personal Web Pages at

Individual web pages should generally be project related in some way, but limited amounts of personal content are acceptable. Content should be in good taste, should not violate any laws or reflect badly on the FreeBSD project.

Access to Project Resources

The core team may at it's discretion revoke access to Project Resources at any time and without prior notice if that action is in the best interests of the project.

Core How-To

This section documents the various best practices in the FreeBSD project revolving around core.


Core elections are held every 2 years.


During the election, the election master should not disclose the current vote total for the individuals in the election. The election master is allowed to provide statistics about the voting (% of eligible voters who have cast votes, etc).


In the past, core has found that as soon as the election results are announced, the new core members are added to the core alias. The old core members provide a brain dump of in-flight items. New members become familiar with things. Once the new core's term starts the old members are dropped from the list. This transition period is typically a couple of days.

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