FreeBSD recently held an election for its governing body called the ‘core team’. The newly elected core team would like to invite you to a virtual town hall meeting. We’ll be holding two sessions, one timed well for Europe and the Americas; the other timed well for Asia, Africa and India. Sessions will be held at 1800 UTC on July 7, 2020 and 0200 UTC on July 8, 2020. See FreeBSD Office Hours for details on how to join either a live stream to watch, or an interactive meeting to participate.


Join the live town hall. Or watch at FreeBSD Office Hours.


We’ll be discussing the following topics and taking general questions at the end. We’ll have a moderator who will help call on people in the meeting to ask questions (or to offer comments) as well as relay relevant questions from IRC.

  1. Introduce core members -- All the core team members in attendance will briefly introduce themselves and say a few words about their goals for this core term.
  2. Discuss proposed terminology changes -- Recently, the prior core team had sent out a proposal about how to handle shifts in language based on societal change. The initial message was poorly written and didn’t strike the right tone. We’ll discuss it, the underlying issue and how the new core team plans on doing things better.
    1. Industry Wide Efforts: Twitter, Linux (LKML), others are changing proactively.

    2. Upstreams are changing: LLVM, blacklistd now blockd.
    3. Discussions in different standards groups: ATA removed master/slave 1992, motherboard makers switched in early 90s to Primary/Secondary. SPI, SMBus, etc in early discussion
  3. Recruiting for project teams -- When a new core team takes over, it’s a good time to assess the needs of each of the teams that we have running different aspects of the project, such as administering our machines and helping keep FreeBSD secure. One common theme is the need for more help. We’ll discuss what teams there are, and make a recruiting pitch and answer any questions.
    1. Security Team
    2. Cluster Admin
    3. Port Manager
    4. Others

  4. Core TODO List publishing -- To continue the openness initiative, the core team will start publishing our TODO list. This will be in addition to the normal meeting minutes and other openness ideas. The new core team would love to hear from the community how to improve our communications.
  5. Survey Results -- Preview of results
  6. Git Transition -- To raise awareness, Ed Maste and Warner Losh will be giving a brief presentation about the state of the project’s planned transition to git. They can answer a few questions here, but are also planning an entire office hours on the git transition (tentatively scheduled in two weeks).
  7. General Questions -- Time permitting, the new core team can answer any other questions or concerns the community might have.

Thanks! We look forward to meeting you.

The New Core Team:

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