In recent years some high performance networking code has moved into user space, by utilizing systems such as netmap(4) and DPDK (http://dpdk.org/). In this session we'll discuss current and future development of APIs necessary to give applications the access they need to networking hardware.


* State of Play (APIs we have today)

* What's missing?

* Lining up Applications (Extending kernel bypass APIs to understand CPU and memory resources.)


In order to attend you need register for the developer summit as well as by email for the session and be confirmed by the working group organizer. Follow the guidelines described on the main page or what you received by email. For questions or if in doubt ask the session chairs.

Please do NOT add yourself here. Your name will appear automatically once you have received the confirmation email. You need to put your name on the general developer summit attendees list though.


Julien Charbon

Florent Guiliani

Stephen Hurd

Patrick Kelsey

Jonathan Looney

Jeremiah Lott

David Maxwell

Ravi Pokala

Doug Rabson

Luigi Rizzo

Matt Smith

Jim Thompson


Hari Shanmugam

Ryan Stone


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