All FreeBSD developers are welcome to join the DevelopersGroup.

Other people in the FreeBSD community may be added to the ContributorsGroup. Note that, however, this wiki is not oriented towards users; its focus remains development-centric. (For instance, we have added the SummerOfCode participants to the ContributorsGroup.)

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Before 2007, access to machines was only granted to those individuals holding commit bit rights to some part of the FreeBSD code repository (e.g., src, ports, doc, www), and who were thus referred to as committers.

This was equivalent to having an email address.

Since 2007, several people have been granted email addresses in special cases. The first was to add people who were granted access to the Problem Report database without actually having rights to commit to the repository. This generalized the permissions concept for the project from committer to developer. In addition, a few other individuals who have had a long-term involvement with FreeBSD have also been added to the ranks of developers. Again, these are special cases.

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