FreeBSD Developers

People with commit/write access to one or more of the three source code repositories.

Group Memberships

Contributors to FreeBSD: developers


doc (documentation)


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src (FreeBSD base)


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Absence of a repo-specific commit bit does not preclude commitment to the repo. To tell where a person has committed, you can seek their FreeBSD username (the first part of their email address) in the cgit interfaces to doc, ports, and src. For example:

– Pau Amma (doc committer) has also committed to the src repo.


Prior to 2007, access to FreeBSD servers was only offered to individuals with commit bits (write access permissions) to one of FreeBSD's primary source code repositories; src, ports, doc or www, and were referred to as committers. Access was provided in the form of an Unix account and came with a email address.

Since 2007, additional people or groups of people have been provided with accounts and email addresses.

The first, people who were granted access to the "Problem Report" database (GNATS at the time, now Bugzilla) for issue triage and management, without having a commit bit.

This generalized the concept for the project from committer to developer. In addition, a few other individuals or groups, such as those who have had a long-term involvement with the project, and FreeBSD: Google Summer of Code students.

Developers Wiki Group

All FreeBSD developers are welcome to join the DevelopersGroup wiki group, that provides minor additional permissions above the ContributorsGroup to a limited number of wiki pages.

Everyone in the FreeBSD Community can be added to the ContributorsGroup. (SummerOfCode participants are also added to this group).

If you would like write access to this Wiki please have a look at: Wiki/About

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