CScout on FreeBSD

This page is open for sharing improvement ideas, tips, tasks, and bugs regarding the application of the CScout refactoring browser on the FreeBSD source code.

1. Ideas for Improvements

These are some ideas for CScout improvements that could help FreeBSD development.

2. Tasks

Here are some tasks open for interested developers.

3. Bugs

4. Tips

4.1. Processing the Kernel Source Code

for a in amd64 i386 sparc64
        export MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX=/home/dds/src/fbsd-head/obj/$a
        make buildworld TARGET_ARCH=$a  2>$a.err >$a.out

sed -ie '/^TMPPATH/s/.*/TMPPATH=        ${CSCOUT_SPY_TMPDIR}:${STRICTTMPPATH}:${PATH}/' Makefile.inc1

for a in amd64 i386 sparc64
                cd sys/$a/conf/
                make LINT
                # To avoid ../../../gnu/fs/xfs/xfs_bit.h:42:5:
                # "XFS_WANT_FUNCS" is not defined during compilation
                sed '/XFS/d' LINT >CSCOUT
                config CSCOUT
        export MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX=/home/dds/src/fbsd-head/obj/$a
        spy-make buildkernel TARGET_ARCH=$a  KERNCONF=CSCOUT 2>make.kernel.$a.err >make.kernel.$a.out
        mv make.cs make.$a.cs

cat make.*.cs >all.cs

nice cscout all.cs


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