FreeBSD-8.0 shortcomings

Here's a little list of problems encountered by me during 8-CURRENT (now 8.0-BETA3) usage.




Cannot use tar in i386 jail under adm64 kernel


r193916, r193917

ipfw panic with gid checks



ale(4) corrupts data unless rxcsum/txcsum are disabled

Seems to be fixed

Cannot reproduce it, at least

Cannot mount NFS via UDP, umount NFS via TCP is buggy (hangs)

umount seems to work

UDF support lacks; cannot mount some images, others are mounted "partially" (not all files available)

Still there

mdconfig -l doesn't list md(4) devices when ran from plain user

Still there

usbhidctl doesn't work well with devices with multiple reports

Still there


There are images which FreeBSD cannot mount. Example: (1.8G). I've encountered other images that are mountable, but not files are visible after this (6G image, 3G du -s).


Since md(4) devices are anyway visible in /dev, so mdconfig -l should as well list them when ran from non-root. The best thing to do would be to store UID of user which created md(4) device, and only list his devices with mdconfig -l.

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