Long term changes that should be made in the documentation.

Long Term Cleanups

  1. i.e. and e.g. ought to be replaced with their long form ("for example" or "in other words") and correctness should be double checked.
  2. Removal of CVS and cvsup as a preferred method of getting source
  3. Igor whitespace fixes
  4. website use of "FreeBSD" should be switched to &os;

  5. use of xfree86 should be switched to X.org or removed
  6. mdoc lint warnings should be fixed (use mandoc -lint from textproc/mdocml)
  7. Replace groff with textproc/mdocml
  8. Documentation should be changed to use UTF-8

Pages Needing Love

  1. articles/problem-reports/

Ports Targets

See also Ports/LongtermTargets

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