Copy and paste the text of this page to create a new page for a new benchmark. Change the name of the example to something descriptive and then give a brief introduction here.

Last Run: 20 Oct 2006

What This Measures

A text description of what the benchmark is intended to measure such as bandwidth, transactions per second, CPU utilization etc.


A table or other short description of what the result of the benchmark was.

Full results should be attached as a file to the page and not pasted directly into the page.

Hardware Used

A short description of the hardware used including motherboard, CPU description, disks, memory size etc.

Please attach the dmesg output as a file to the page and do not paste it directly into this page.

Active Analysis

A list of observability tools that you used to analyze the benchmark while it was running ("active benchmarking"). Eg, top, iostat, DTrace, etc.

It is easy to accidentally benchmark the wrong thing. This can often be avoided by using other tools to verify the benchmark is operating as expected.


Short instructions for running the benchmark: eg, the command line or config used.

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