FreeBSD on Radxa Rock


Radxa Rock is a developer board that is based on the Rockchip RK3188 (Quad core Cortex A9) System-On-Chip (SoC).

The full technical details for the Radxa Rock are available at the Radxa site.

Build FreeBSD

1. Get FreeBSD head

2. Compile kernel and world. Install world to USB Flash (replace da0 with your usb storage device)

Get rkcrc and build

1. Get rkcrc from here

2. Build rkcrc (suppose you did git clone in your home directory)

Get rkflashtool and build

1. Get rkflashtool from here

2. Replace rkflashtool's Makefile with this and rkflashtool.c with this.

3. Build rkflashtool (suppose you did git clone in your home directory )

Prepare kernel for flashing

Make kernel ready to flash

Edit KERNEL_IMG parameter and flash

1. Turn off the board. Then while pushing Recover button plug usb cable(connected to otg port) to PC and release Recover button.

2. Change load address just one time. Get parameters to file first using p option and edit KERNEL_IMG parameter in file and make it ready to flash.

3. Flash it back to nand. Again do this only one time.

Flash kernel to nand

Flash kernel image to nand and turn off the board.


1. Disconnect otg cable if it is connected to PC.

2. Connect by using serial console cable and speed 115200

3. Power ON your board

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