FreeBSD on Zedboard

The Zedboard is an evaluation board for Xilinx Zynq-7000 series System-on-a-Chip. The Zynq-7000 is an FPGA combined with an ARM Cortex-A9 core and a set of standard peripherals.

SDCARD images

An unofficial pre-built SDCARD image is available at here along with instructions on how to decompress and copy the image to a blank SDCARD. More information from that page will migrate to this page soon.

There's a useful description on the Raspberry Pi page on growing the filesystem after the SDCARD has been created.

Building FreeBSD for Zedboard

Zynq/Zedboard support is now in -HEAD.

Building u-boot

FreeBSD no longer needs a modified u-boot for Zynq.

The official repository for u-boot ported to Xilinx Zynq-7000 is here. Follow the instructions there to build the zynq_zed configuration of u-boot.

A pre-compiled u-boot.elf is included in the extrafiles.tgz tarball. This might save you time if you want to generate your own BOOT.BIN without rebuilding u-boot.

Building ubldr

I use a script similar to this to build ubldr:

ubldr binary is found in sys/boot/arm/uboot in the object directory.

Building an SDCARD image

Create SD card image

Mount filessystems

Populate root and boot partitions

From within the source directory:

Copy necessary files to the boot partition

You can get these files pre-compiled in the extrafiles.tgz tarball.

Final tweaks

Customize configuration files /mnt/armroot/etc/{rc.conf,hosts,fstab} to taste. I like to have the boot partition mounted on /mnt/boot by default.

Unmount file systems

Copy to an SD card

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