8devices - Carambola 2

The http://8devices.com/carambola-2 is an AR9330 SoC based embedded board suitable for incorporating into existing designs. It provides all of the IO as pads on the rim of module. A development board is available with USB, RS232, ethernet and antenna exposed on the board.

It has an Atheros style uboot with TFTP load and run-in-place functionality, suitable for doing quick prototyping with (ie, you don't have to flash the unit each time you wish to test a kernel - you can just netboot said kernel.) The smaller AR933x based uboot's have this disabled, requiring you to flash a uboot format kernel before you can boot it.


The development board breaks these out:


Adrian's build scripts can build this - https://github.com/freebsd/freebsd-wifi-build/wiki/Carambola2

Further Information

The vendor site - http://8devices.com/carambola-2

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