FreeBSD maintains a GitHub presence, with the FreeBSD GitHub Organisation, its repositories, svn2git integration and mirroring managed by Git Admin (team)


FreeBSD provides GitHub mirrors all project SVN repositories:

While Pull Requests are not officially accepted, but some project members do sometimes process/close them manually. The recommended method for submitting changes is via Bugzilla.

There are also working repositories for some Ports-specific projects and teams:

A number of well-known FreeBSD software projects maintain their primary repositories there are well:

Issues and Pull Requests are enabled and welcome.


Requests to be added to the FreeBSD GitHub Organisation can be made via Bugzilla (Product: Services, Component: Git Integration). Please include details of any teams you are a member of or hats you wear so that this can be reflected in GitHub.

Currently, only those with accounts are approved in almost all cases. External users may apply to be a part of the organisation if a compelling case can be made. Examples may be external contributors that require write (commit) access to a non-FreeBSD (src, ports, doc) repository that is hosted within the organisation account.

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