Update DRM generic code to Linux 3.8

Currently, our DRM code in sys/dev/drm2 is a copy of the old DRI1 code from sys/dev/drm, plus the required bits from DRI2 to make the i915 KMS driver work. The missing parts were taken from Linux older than 3.4 (I don't know the exact version).

We need to update this DRM code to fix bugs and add new features, especially DRM-PRIME to support multi-cards configurations. This will allow us to ease current driver support (especially update the i915 driver to gain support for Haswell platforms) and port new drivers.

Current status (2014-04-15)

A bug with the hw.dri sysctl tree was fixed.

Here's the first version of the patch: http://people.freebsd.org/~dumbbell/graphics/drm-update-38.a.patch

It's against HEAD, but should apply more or less cleanly to stable/10 and stable/9 (though it'll never make it to stable/9 in the end).

How to test

  1. Clone the kms-drm-update-38 branch on GitHub: https://github.com/dumbbell/freebsd/tree/kms-drm-update-38

  2. Build and install kernel
  3. Reboot

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