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Kernel: Radeon driver: port from Linux 3.8

Port Radeon GPU driver from Linux 3.8.

Committed in r254885

Mesa: update to 9.1.6

Committed in r328711

Mesa: dri Gallium driver

Experimental Gallium dri driver


The dri ports has support for WITH_GALLIUM when WITH_NEW_XORG is set. This includes llvm backed llvmpipe software raster and radeonsi driver.

Kernel: Radeon driver: merge to FreeBSD 9

Committed in r263170

Ports: Temporary New Xorg repo

Add temporary repo to supply 10.0-R, 9.1-R and 9.2-R which new xorg packages.

Finished in July 2014

Packages are build on the oldest supported release in the branch. So while new xorg was switched on for 10.0-stable it not enabled for 10.x packages. This repo will allow users to use new xorg packages.

Ports: Enable WITH_NEW_XORG by default

Makes FreeBSD usable on 2007+ Intel-based computers out-of-the-box.

Committed in r351411

Enabled on all branches.

Ports: Cairo 1.12 update

Cairo 1.12 gives screen artifacts with certain drivers. It is also blocking gtk30 from being updated to 3.10.

Committed in r368007

CFT mail

Kernel: i915 kernel driver: add HW context support

HW context is required by Mesa 9.2+ with Sandy Bridge and later

Committed in r271705

Mesa: update to 10.3

Committed in r371035

Default version remains at 9.1.7, until the old i915 KMS driver is EOL'd.

X.Org: update to xserver 1.14

Committed in r374982

CFT mail

Ports: remove old X.Org stack

Remove old version of ports affected by WITH_NEW_XORG.

Committed in r375286

Kernel: DRM kernel code: update to Linux 3.8

Take DRM code from Linux 3.8.

Committed in r280183

Ports: Rework font handling in

Last commit in that finishes the font work

Fonts now live in share/fonts/


Investigate and add support for OpenCL on FreeBSD.

Committed in r397198

Please see the OpenCL page for details. Clover (Mesa based) ATI - and Beignet Intel OpenCL ports are ready.

X.Org: update to xserver 1.17

Committed in r399179

Works with ATI/KMS, in our development repo, the xserver-next branch.

Kernel: Linux API shim

Centralize OFED shim to help porting DRM

Committed in r290135

Kernel: i915 kernel driver: update to Linux 3.8

Committed in r296548

This includes Haswell support

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