The purpose of this project was to:

1. Introduce "resize" GEOM method, to make it possible for GEOM classes to get notified about resizing providers they are attached to,

2. Making it possible to use "gpart resize" for a currently mounted partitions,

3. Adding UFS suspension mechanism, to make it possible for a userland application to tell the kernel to "back off" from the filesystem and to enable that application to modify the on-disk metadata, and

4. Modifying growfs(8) tool to use that mechanism to enable extending filesystems mounted read-write.

All of that was committed to 10-CURRENT. Changes not related to GEOM (UFS suspension and growfs(8)) were merged to 9-STABLE after 9.1 was branched; they are expected to appear in 9.2-RELEASE.

The project was sponsored by the FreeBSD Foundation.

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