FreeBSD Ham Radio

The Ham Radio on FreeBSD Project is an effort to make FreeBSD a great operating system for ham radio operators. Linux has captured attention due to such things as AX.25 being part of the network stack and better publicity. Our aim is to improve ham radio support in ports and advocate for FreeBSD amongst ham radio operators.


List of Ham Radio FreeBSD Ports


db efforts have been published here:

db gave a talk on Hamradio on FreeBSD to a local Ottawa club slides at

Dru Lavigne has written about our porting effort here

Team Members



There is a mailing list devoted to Ham radio operators on BSD in general, not just FreeBSD:

Four members of the porting team are on BSD-Ham - SoerenStraarup, DianeBruce, StephenHurd and CharlieLi .

Some members are available on #BSD-hamradio channel on the GeekShed IRC network.

Future Work

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