Copyright year bumps

WARNING: I feel the file lists are (partially) out of date. Due diligence and updating the documentation required (especially for src/main).

This is no official statement but a private note to help anyone in the future.

Once a year several files need to be touched to update the year in the Copyright © statement. This page lists the files that we are aware of. This page does not suggest who should do this or when it should be done. If in doubt ask the Core Team for clarifications.

Git repository for the src tree

The changes should be merged to all stable branches with a supported release (by the terms of the Security Officer) that still see active development or possibly older stable branches the first time significant changes are still merged to them. The changes should be merged to any releng branch of upcoming but not releng branches of past releases. See Release Engineering Information for details.

Git repository for the doc tree

Git repository for the ports tree

Other misc year bumps index

Happy new year.

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