Cloaking services are currently on-hold as staff and IRC Admin complete our IRC network transition. See IRC/Official-FreeBSD-IRC-channels-now-on-Libera-Chat for more detail

Cloaks are custom IRC hostmasks and a way for you to express your connection to, or pride in FreeBSD and its community. They are available on request for all users with registered NickServ accounts on the Libera IRC network.

The following cloaks are available:

Available Cloaks


These prerequisites are subject to change at anytime.

Code of Conduct

These guidelines are complementary and in addition to those stipulated in the FreeBSD Code of Conduct.

The purpose of cloaks is to enable you to express your affiliation with, and passion for FreeBSD and its community. There is an important and inherent aspect of trust, accountability and stewardship that comes with it. By wearing a FreeBSD cloak, you are publicly representing the project and its community.

All FreeBSD community members in general, and cloaked users in particular, are in return expected to:

It is a badge, reserved for proactive and dedicated individuals, and it should be treated as such.

Any community member shown not to be standing by these values will have their cloak removed without notification.

Instructions for requesting a cloak

  1. Check the cloak requirements above to make sure you qualify.

  2. If you meet the prerequisites, /join #freebsd-irc and let us know which cloak you would like.
  3. Let us know that you've read, fully understand and agree to observe (abide by) the code of conduct above.
  4. If you are a FreeBSD Committer, email <irc AT FreeBSD DOT org> from your FreeBSD email address, confirming the requested cloak.

  5. Wait patiently until our channel staff requests a cloak on your behalf
  6. Confirm that you are requesting that cloak if an IRC staff member messages you.


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