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Preparing a new KDE SC release in area51

  1. Update KDE4_VERSION in KDE/Mk/bsd.kde4.mk.

  2. Use Tools/scripts/kdedistup to update the distinfo files for the ports; do not forget the l10n ports as well.

  3. Reset/remove PORTREVISION from the affected ports.

  4. svn commit to area51.

  5. In the Tinderbox provided by iXsystems (the generated plists are available in /usr/local/tinderbox/plists):

    1. update the area51 checkout;
    2. merge the update with Tools/scripts/kdemerge -km /usr/local/tinderbox/portstrees/area51/ports;

    3. build x11/kde4, devel/kdebindings4 and misc/kde4-l10n in all supported releases.

  6. Check for conflicts with Tools/scripts/kdeconflicts and by hand.

  7. Write UPDATING notes.

  8. Ask for exp-run if it is a major update.
  9. Use Tools/scripts/kdemerge -ck /tmp to create a ports tree checkout in /tmp/ports containing only the ports in KDE/ (add -m if there are required updates in PORTS/).

  10. cd /tmp/ports && svn diff to see if everything is OK.

  11. Commit (in several steps, if committing also PORTS/ updates) and be happy.

  12. Close open PRs solved by the commit.
  13. Announce the update on FreeBSD.kde.org.

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