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FreeBSD's community is diverse and extensive, and can be found everywhere great conversations and activity takes place. You'll find our community and spaces intelligent, welcoming and approachable.

The project maintains several official community spaces where developers, contributors and users can find help and support, stay up to date, coordinate and collaborate or just kick back, relax and socialise.

If you love asynchronous and long-lived communications channels, FreeBSD offers over 100 mailing lists covering a vast range of topics, hosts our FreeBSD Forums and Usenet Newsgroups.

Interested in professional development and networking opportunities? Follow us on LinkedIn and join our official FreeBSD LinkedIn Group.

For more real-time collaboration, we run a ton of FreeBSD IRC channels and host a Discord server where you can find support, learn to contribute, watch live streams and a whole lot more.

For regularly run in-person and online meets, checkout our FreeBSD Events.

Beyond officially run community spaces, there are User Groups in 34 countries, along with highly active FreeBSD communities on Twitter, StackOverflow, ServerFault, MeetUp.com among many other technology-related spaces.


Mailing Lists

Our mailing lists are a primary communication channel covering many topic areas.

You can [Browse the FreeBSD mailing lists] or, [search:archive] or [browse:archive] the list archives


FreeBSD officially maintains an IRC presence with many channels covering subjects and topics ranging from general support to contribution and development. Many project teams have dedicated channels where they plan and coordinate, so if you have a particular area of interest or just want to hang out and learn, check out our Wiki for more information on our FreeBSD IRC Channels.

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