List easy things that can be done to improve the wiki by anyone:

Fix incorrect markup

  1. Replace (remove) absolute links in pages with standard wiki links. Search: Pages containing ""

  2. Replace hardcoded (unprotected) email addresses with <<MailTo(email)>> macro Search: Pages containing mailto: links or email addresses

  3. Replace manual or hardcoded references or footnotes ([X]) with <<FootNote(text)>> macro

Improve information accessibility & readability

  1. Add Table of Contents to top of pages where appropriate, such as long and or complex pages with multiple/several nested heading hierarchies.

  2. Format text that references file contents or system commands using codeblocks or monospace markup. Use monospace for single-line or inline, and codeblocks for multi-line content.

  3. Format (prefix) system commands that don't require root $, and # commands that require root.

  4. Add linktext to bare URL's, unless it doesn't make sense to do so. Helps readability, and search engines.

  5. Spell-check and proof read articles. See Menu: More Actions -> Check Spelling

  6. Review a RandomPage and improve it

Improve content structure and discoverability

  1. Link to and/or categorise OrphanedPages

  2. Review AbandonedPages looking for CategoryStale or deletion candidates

  3. Move pages that appear predominantly personal projects/work/references to that persons Personal/namespace (Fix referent links after doing this)

Remove duplicate, redundant or or outdated information

Information that is duplicated, redundant (provided elsewhere), or otherwise requires updating in multiple places if the name or reference changes, should be removed, and replaced with a link to the 'canonical reference'

  1. Replace username@ FreeBSD login (committer) references with a link to the committers home page. If the home page does not contain username/login reference, add it.

  2. Everything in this wiki is FreeBSD related. Remove references to FreeBSD or FreeBSD Project unless required to maintain meaning or context.

    1. This includes page names
  3. Remove references to attachments / URL's that no longer exist.
    1. Try to find replacements/alternatives if possible


  1. Remove you, your, his, her language unless required to maintain meaning or context.

Potential Things

Don't do these things yet. If you'd like to, discuss on #freebsd-wiki (Libera.Chat IRC)

  1. Rename pages with titles in abbreviated/acronym form to their FullNotAcronymName

    1. Example: ASLR -> AddressSpaceLayoutRandomization

    2. NOTE: Check for and update all referents when renaming pages. If referents exist in Google/Search Engine. Create a redirect at the old name pointing to the new one.

  2. Add link text (|link text) to bare URL's Pages containing bare URL's (test regex, has false positives)

  3. Replace links to external documents (PDF, images, etc) with attachments
  4. Add size's to image attachments so they're rendered nicely

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