HP Spectre x360 13t-aw200

I'm probably the first person to use TigerLake with FreeBSD, and all it's roadblocks. Far from smooth when compared to ThinkPad T420/X220 users. I no longer own this laptop. I initially switched to an AMD Ryzen-based HP Envy, but then switched to a 14" Spectre x360, which despite also being TigerLake has MUCH better FreeBSD support.

Like many TigerLake laptops, this Spectre has the Intel "Evo" branding.

1. Hardware

2. Support overview

WARNING: The below section is obsolete. TigerLake support has improved in FreeBSD.

More current support information is in Laptops/HP_Spectre_x360_14-ea0023dx, except for the audio part. If you want a TigerLake HP Spectre, GET THE 14", not the 13", unless you are fine without audio. If you don't want the 14" Spectre but want TigerLake, get a non-HP or alternatively an HP Envy or EliteBook model.

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