All the things that I have done

nss_modules and libc separation

Status: done. The description is here: NsswitchModulesSeparation. Patch for CURRENT is avaialable here: Patch

NOTE: should be applied with patch -p0 -E

Regression tests for nsswitch-related functions

Status: done. The description is here: NsswitchRegressionDetails. Original ideas are here: NsswitchRegressionDescription. Patch is here: Patch.

Nss_ldap from-scratch-rewriting

Status: done, but there are a lot of things, that are to be done after the SoC ends. The description is here: NssLdapRewritten.

Patch to include nss_ldap (rewritten version) into the base

Status: done. Patch is here: Patch.

Cached performance optimization

Status: done, but requires further work. Details are here: CachedPerformance. Patch with optimization changes and several minor changes is here: Patch. This latest cached version can be used to handle IANA services list.

TODO list

  1. Finish the auto-cache-update feature for precached entries. Play with cached socket IO architecture for its further optimization.
  2. Improve nss_ldap to properly support rfc2307bis and to be fully equal in abilities with PADL's nss_ldap.
  3. Import or implement pam_ldap.

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