1st 2nd 30th a abandoned ability above absence absolute absolutely abstraction accept acceptability acceptable access according account accounts accurate achieved acid ACK act action active actively activities acts actual actually add added adding addition additionally address addressed adds adherence adjustment admin administrate administration administrative administrator administrators admit adopt advance advantage advertisement afterwards again against agenda aggressive agreed agreeing agreement aiding aims air allow allowed allowing allows alpha alphabetized already also alternative alternatively alternatives although always am amd64 an analysis analyzer angle angry animal announce announced answer answers ant any anybody anyone anything apart apparatus appear apple appliance application applications applied applies apply applying appreciate approach appropriate approval April arbitrary arch archives are area argument arm army around art article articles ask ASM assertion assigned assignee assigning assignment assisted assume async at atime attachment attempt attempted attempting attempts attraction audit auditdistd August author authoritative authority automagically automate automatic availability available average avoided avoiding awake baby backend background backtick backup backwards bag balance ball band bandwidth barely base based basic basically basin basis basket bath beautiful because become becomes becoming bed bee been begun behave behavior being belief bell belonging below benchmark beneficial benefit bent berry best between beyond bin bird birth bite bitter black blade blockquote blocks blog blogging blogs blood blue Bluetooth board boat body boiling bold bone book books bootable bootcode bootfs bootstrap both bottle bottleneck bouncing box boy brain brake branch branching brass bread breath brick bridge briefly bring bringing broke broken brother brown browser browsers browsing brush bsdinstall bucket bug Bugathons bugs building buildkernel buildworld bulb bunch burn burst business but butter button bytes cake calendaring called callers calls came camera can candidates cannot cant canvas capabilities card careful carriage cart case cases casting catalogue catalogues categories category causing caveat cc cd centrally certain chain chalk chance change changes changing channels characters charset chart charter cheap checkbox checker checklist checkout checks checksum checksums cheese chemical chest chief chin choice choose choosing chrome chrome chroot church circle clang Clang clangbsd classification classify cleaned cleanly cleansed clearing click clobbered clock clone closed closing cloth cloud clue cluster clusters clutter coal coat code codebase coding cold collar collection collectively color colorize comb come comes coming command commit commits committable committed committer committers committing common community companies companion company compared comparison compatibility compatible competition competitive compile compiler compiles complaining complete completely complex compliant complying components compressed concept concerned concerns concise conclusion concurrently condition conditions conference conferences configurable configurations configured configuring confined conflicts conform connect connection connectivity conscious consensus consider considered considers consistently consists console constitutes constructed consulted contact contacting contacts contain containing contains content contents context contingent continuing contrary contrasts contribute contributed contributing contributions contributors control controls controversial convention conversion convert converter convince cook cookbook cookie cool coordinated coordinating copies copper cord core cork corner correct corrected correctness correlated correspond corresponded cost cotton cough could count country course cover cow cpp crack crash create created creating credit crime criteria critical cross cry cup currently curtain curve cushion custom cut cycle cycles daemon daily damage danger dark dashes data database databases date dates daughter day days dead deal dealing deals death debt cebugging December decide decides decision decisions decoder decoders decrease deep deeper def default defaults define defined defining definition degree delete delta demonstrate dependencies depending deployment depot deprecate deprecated deprecation derived describe description design desired desktop desktops destruction detailed details detecting determine determined devel developed developer developers development developments device devices dictionary did diff differ difference differences different diffs digestion digital direct direction directly directory dirty disable disabled discouraged discover discovery discretion discuss discusses discussing discussions disease disgust disk disks dispute distance distribution distributions distutils diverged division do doc docs document documentation documented does dog doing donate donating done don't door dot doubt down download downloaded dozens drain dramatically drawer drawing dress drink driver drivers drives drop dropped dropping due dump dumps duplicate duration during dust dynamic each ear earlier earliest early earth easier easily east easy edge edit editing education effective effectively effectiveness effort efforts egg Eitan either elastic electric electrons elegant Elf eliminate else emails embedded emit employment enabled enabling encoded encoder encoders encountered encourage encouraged encouraging encrypted end engine enhance enhancement enhancements enough enrichment ensure entailed entire entirely entry environment equal equivalent errata errors especially established etc evaluate even event ever every everybody everyone everything exactly examples except exceptions exchange exec exist existence existent existing exit expand expected expects experience experiment experimental expire expired explain export express expressions extend extension extensions extensive external eye face facilitate facility fact facts fail failed failing failure failures fall false family faq far farm fashion fat father favor fear feather feature features feedback feel feeling female fertile fetch few fiction field fight figure file files filesystem filesystems fill filter filtering final finalized finally find finger finish finished fire firewall firewalls first fish fit fix fixable fixed fixes fixing flag flags flame flat flavor flesh flight floor flower fly focus fold follow following follows fonts foo food foolish foot footprint for forbidden force forge forgot fork formal format formats formatting forums forward found four fowl frame framework freebsd FreeBSD freefall freeze french frequent frequently fresh friend From front frontend fruit frustrated frustrating fulfill full Full fully functional functionality functions future gadgets gallery game games garden gcc general generally generate generated generation generic geom get getting Giant gif gigabit girl git Git gives giving glass glossary glove Gnome goal goals goat going gold gone good Google got government gpart grain granted graph graphics graphs grass gray green grey gross group groups growth guarantee guarantees guess guide guidelines gun hackers hacks had hair hammer hand handbook handle handled handling hanging hangs happen happened happens happy harbor hard harder hardest hardware harmony has hat hate have haven having he head header headers heading heads healthy hearing heart heat hello help helped helper helpful helping here heuristic hide high highlight highly him his history hit holding holds hole home homepage hook hooks hope hoping horde horn horse hospital hosted hour hours house how however HTML http https hub huge humor hundreds hyperlink hyperlinks Hz i386 ice icon IDE idea ideally ideas identify ie ignore ignored ill image immediate impact implement implementation implementations implemented implementing important imports impossible improve improvement improvements improving impulse include included includes including inclusion incompatible incorrect increase incremented indeed index indexed indicates indicating indication individual industry influenced info informal informally information informative informing infrastructure initial ink input insane insect install installable installation installed installing installworld instance instead instruction instrument insurance integration intelligent intend interact interaction intercepts interest interested interesting interface internet intersects intervals into intra intranet intranets intro introduce introduced introduction invention investigate invited involved iron irritating is island issue issues it italic items itself jail jails Java jelly jewel jobs journaling journey judge jump June just justifiable keep keepalive keeping kept kern kernel kernels kettle key keyboard keymaps keystrokes kick kicked kill kind kiss knee knife knot know known kudos label lack lacking land language languages laptops large last lastly late latency later latest latter laugh law lay layer layout layouts lead leaders leading leaf leak leaks learn learning least leather leave leaves left leg legacy lend length less let Let lets letter level liaisons libc libgcc libraries library libray license lies life lifetime lift light like likely likes limit limited line linen lines link linker links Linux lip liquid listed lists little living LLVM load loader local locally location lock locked locking log logged logic logical logically login longer look looking lost lot lots love low lowercase machine machines macros made mail mailed mailing main mainly maintain maintainable maintainance maintained maintainer maintainers maintaining maintains maintenance major majority make Makefile makes making male man manage management manager mandatory manner manpage manual manufacturing many mapping maps mark marked market marketing markup married mask mass master match matched material matrix max maximum maybe mbuf me meal meaning meaningful means measure meat medical meeting meets member members memory mentor mentors menu merge merged mesh mess message messages meta metadata metal method methodology methods middle midnight might migration milestone milestones military milk mind mine minimum minor minute mirror mirrors miscellaneous missing mixed mkdir MMU mode modification modifications modified modify modifying modular module MoinMoin moment momentum money monitoring monkey monolithic month months moon more morning morphed most mostly mother motion mount mountain mounting mountpoint mouth move moved moving msdosfs much multimedia multiple multiuser muscle music must my myself myth nail namecache names nation natural navigation navigational near necessarily neck needed needing needle needs neither nerve net netcat network networking never new newer newly news next nightly noatime nobody node nodes noise none nor normal normalized normally north nose not noted notes nothing notification notifications null nullfs numbered numbering numbers nut observation obstacles obviously occurred occurs off offer offered office official officially offsets often oil older on once one ones ongoing online only open opensolaris operating operational operations opinion opposite optimization optimizations option optional options or orange order organization organize original originally originals originate other others otherwise our outdated outlived output outside oven over overall overhead override oversight overview overwrite own owned owner package packages packaging packet packets page pages pain painless paint paper parallel parcel parity parsing part particular particularly parties partition partitions parts pass passed password past paste patch patches patchlevel path paths peace pen pencil pending people perform performance performing performs Perhaps period periodic periods Perl permission permitted person physical pick picture pid pieces pig pin pipe place placed places Plan plane planned planning plant plate platform platforms play please Please pleasure plough plow plugin pocket pointers points poison poke policies policy polish political poll polling polymorphic pool poorly port porter porters porting ports position positions positive positives possibility possible possibly post posted posting postings pot potato potential potentially powder power powerpc practice pre preceding preference preferences preferred prefers premium present presentation presentations presented preserve pretty prevent preview previous previously price primarily primer primitive principal print printf prior prison private privileges problem problems procedural procedure process processes processing produce produces producing production Production profile profit program programming programs progress progressing project projects promise proper property proposal proposals propose proposed prose protect protected protection protest prototype provide provided pseudo publish published publishing pull pump punishment purpose push pushed put quality query questions quick quicker quickly quiet quite quotation race races radical rail rain raising random randomize range rapid rat rates rationale ray reaction read readability reading ready real really reason reasonable reasons reassign reassigned rebuild receipt receive received recent recently recognise recognize recommended recompilation record recover recreate recreated recruit recruited red redesign reduce reduced reducing refactors reference references reflect reformatting refresh refreshing regex registered regression regressions regular regularly related relation relations relative relatively release released releases relevant religion rely remain remaining remains remember remembered remind remote removal remove removed removing renamed renderer renewal renovation renumbered renumbering reorganized repaired repeat report reports repositories repository representative represented request requests require required requirement requirements requires reservations reset resetting resolve resolved resources response responsibility responsible responsive rest restarting restricted rests result resultant results resume retain return returns reversals reverse revert review reviewed revise revised revision revisions reward rework reworked rewrite rewrites rewritten rhythm rice right ring rings rink risk river road roam robust rod roof round rule rules run running runs sad sadly safe said sail salt same sand save saved say scale scan scanning scans schedule scheduler schema Schema schemata school science scissors scope scratch screen screenmaps screw script scripting scripts sea searches searching secret secretary section sections sector sectors secure security see seed seem seemingly seems seen selected self send sending sense sent separate separated serial series servant server servers service services set setenv setting settings setup seventh several sex shade shame shape share sharp sheep sheet shelf shell ship shirt shock shoe short should show showing shows side sign signatures significant significantly signup silk silver similar similarly simplified simply simultaneous since single sister site sites situation size sizes skin skip skirt sky sleep slice slightly slope slow small smaller smell smile smileys smilies smoke smoother snake snapshot snapshots sneeze snow soap social society sock softupdate software solid solution solutions solve solved solving some someone something sometimes son song sorry sorted sorting sound soup source sources south space spade spam spammed specific specification specified speed spelling split sponge spoon spring square src stability stabilize stable stage stale stalled stamp standard standardized standards star started starting starts state statement static stating station statistically statistics status stay steam steel stem step stepping steps stick sticky stimulating stocking stomach stone storage store stored stores story straight strange stream street stretch strict strings strongly struct structure structures student studied studies study stuff style styles submissions submit submits submitted submitter submitters subscribe Subscribed subscribes subscribing subsequent subsequent subsequently substance substantive subsystem subsystems Subversion successful such sugar suggested suggesting suggestion suggestions summarize summarized summary summer summit summits sun supplants supplied supplying support supported supports sure surge surprise Survey SVN swap sweeps sweet swim switch switched switching symbolic symbols sympathy sync synchrony syntax sys syscons syscons sysctl systems table tag tags tail take taken takes taking talk talks tank tar tarball target targets task tasks taste tax TCP teaching team teardown technology tell temporary tentative term terms tested tests text than that their them then theory there these they thing things think thinking third those though thoughts thread three throat through throughout thumb thunder thus ticket tidbits timeout timeouts timestamp timestamps tin tinderbox tip title today toe toes together tokens tomorrow tongue too tool tools tooth top topic touch touched town trace track tracker tracking tracking tracks trade trail train transactions transcode transcoding transition translation translators transport travel travelling tray treads trick trival trivial trousers true trust trusted try trying tube turn turning tutorial tweak tweaks two type types typical typically UFS umbrella unavailable unchanged unclassified under undergoing understand understanding unicode universities unknown unless unmount unnecessary unrecognized unsafe unsolved unsubscribe untested until update updated updates updating upgrade upgraded upgrades upgrading upload uploaded upon uppercase us usage use used useful usefulness user userland username users uses using usual usually utilities utilize valid validated valley value vanilla variation various vendor verify verse version versioning versions very vessel VFS via vice video videos virtual virtualization vital VM voice void volume volunteer volunteers vote vs waiting wake walk wall want wanted wanting war warm was wash waste wasted watch water watson watts wave waving way ways we weather web webpage website week weekly weeks weight welcome went were west wet what whatever wheel when where whereupon wherever whether which while whip whistle white who whole wholesale why wide widely widespread wiki wikis wildcards willing Win32 wind window Windows wine wing winter wire wireless wise wishlist with within without woman won wood wool word worked workflow working works world worm worry would wound write written wrong wrote www XML year years yellow yes yesterday yet your zero zip Zope

abbreviated accessibility acronym addresses all and attachments bare be by canonical commands draft duplicated elsewhere engines example footnotes form freenode her if inline long macro name nested no of old pointing prefix redundant referents Rename renaming replaced replacements root search so system test the this titles to you



as cache chat clean configuration current datestamp deleted deleting deployed fn from managed managing now out reverted sessions threw trash up work


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