FreeBSD DRM and Graphics Support


This page and all the linked articles presents the status and directions of all the low-level components making FreeBSD usable as a desktop.

This includes:

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Developer info and TODOs

Developer information, including tasks in progress and similar, is available in the developer section.


/!\ The combinations of graphics hardware and software is bewildering. Because of this, it is completely infeasible to support every combination. The best that FreeBSD can do is to document configurations known to either work, or not work.

Our primary constraints are:

xorg upstream

device driver upstreams

Hardware Support


Most physical hardware (especially x86-class machines) will have a graphics chipset (GPU) from one of the following manufacturers. Each one has its own set of configuration considerations.

If your GPU is not supported

If your GPU is not supported by FreeBSD, you can fallback to VESA (if your computer uses a BIOS) or SCFB (if your computer uses UEFI). For the latter case, you can find instructions to setup SCFB in a dedicated article.

/!\ The tables included are not an exhaustive list of supported hardware. Hardware is only listed if and when it has been explicitly tested/confirmed by developers and/or users. Graphics hardware missing from these tables may or may not work. If you have tested hardware that is not on the list, please report the results.

Virtual Machines


Experimental support for accelerated graphics in FreeBSD as guest OS in VMware was added to drm-devel-kmod.

Known bugs:


A DRM driver for VirtualBox is going to be added to the Linux source tree in the next coming minor versions. Once it's there, a FreeBSD port is planned. Stay tuned here or check out the blog for updates.


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Debugging Tips

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Known Issues

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Legacy Documentation

There is a copy of the previous iteration of this page available here. Hopefully no critical information was left out during this migration, but please notify the team if anything was missed!


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