What's missing from iwm?


OpenBSD-current should have MIMO support although it hasn't been tested by Imre personally.

There is an IWM_STA_FLG_MIMO_EN_MSK flag in if_iwmreg.h which if set means that a device has a support for MIMO. Here's a part of the if_iwm.c suggesting that MIMO is supported (MIMO is not supported yet, it is just a flag):

On the other hand we later read in the same file that:

No, iwm does not support MIMO yet:

11n support

OpenBSD-stable has basic 11n support in iwm thanks to Stefan Sperling (stsp at OpenBSD).

From WiFi/80211n:

11ac support

WiFi suggests that 11ac is barely (or not at all) supported in FreeBSD

Things needed for 11ac support in FreeBSD: WiFi/FixUpThings

802.11ac TODO list: WiFi/80211ac

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