FreeBSD Matrix Service

As of September 2023, FreeBSD's Matrix service is considered experimental and in beta.

Please note that there is no service level agreement (SLA) or data preservation guarantee. This server is only for experimental and feedback purposes.

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<matrix-admin AT FreeBSD DOT org>


The FreeBSD Project hosts a Matrix instance at for project spaces and rooms.

FreeBSD committers can use it as their homeserver:

The general public are suggested to connect to the FreeBSD instance from their preferred matrix home servers (e.g., ) through federation.


To reduce the risk of losing a key and becoming unable to decrypt history: verify at least two client connections.

Element – ❝a decentralized and flexible communications platform, built on the Matrix open standard…❞ – a server, an app, and more.

Element web

Public Spaces and Rooms

Active rooms:



Suggested starting point. Here, you might chat about anything (within reason). Using the lobby for off-topic chat will help to keep the general room attractive, for people who want to discuss FreeBSD.

General Discussion


General discussions related to FreeBSD

Developer Summit


FreeBSD Developer Summits

If you already have a Matrix client, use it to visit the FreeBSD space:

Alternatively, to choose a client before browsing the space:


If an Element web app is already running: avoid running multiple web apps (it's unnecessary, and too many concurrent runs may lead to problems).

The approach (above) can help to avoid multiplication.

Screenshot: using an Element web app to join a FreeBSD Project-provided room

  1. click the search icon (circled, near top left)
  2. type or paste the address of a room
  3. accept the invitation to join.

Room names are not yet distinctive.

If ever you are disoriented: features such as the (room info) button in Element web can reveal the FreeBSD context.


  1. this general room appears to be KDE-related

  2. the info button shows that the room is on a ⋯ server (unrelated to KDE).

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