Netperf Cluster Management

This page contains useful stuff for people administering the FreeBSD Netperf Cluster.

Relevant web and wiki pages

Portmaster 25 (pm25)

To login to the pm25, telnet to it and login with the userid !root, no passwd If you want to change a port speed, (e.g. of sloth)

set s15 speed 1 19200
save all
reset s15

1gbps switch

For access to the gigabit switch (see /tmp/gs724t_fs750t_user_manual.pdf) you need a web browser. The default password is "password". If it loses its mind, it reverts back to as the default IP.

IPMI on worms

ipmitool -I lan -U ADMIN -H power cycle    # worm1
ipmitool -I lan -U ADMIN -H power cycle    # worm2

Your name is your password.


Surely something.

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