Some ideas what new port categories could be. This is not about two-level categories, because those are not going to happen, anyway.

Real categories

Virtual categories


Mavvie want to rename dns to net-dns to match net-mgmt, net-im and net-p2p. AMDmi3 suggests that it'd be nice to rename irc to net-irc as well then.

tlp want to split games into subcategories.

Split crypto out of security, xml out of textproc, perhaps?

Split www into pieces, for example, www-servers, www-browsers, www-apps, and leave rest in www. Also check Mavvie's old post.

Grrrr wants to move beyond categories to tags, so that we stop bikeshedding about where to put things.

Thomas Abthorpe wants a new category i18n. The discussion

Categories slated for removal

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