This is a notebook for adapting BSDInstall to be the missing front-end for pc-sysinstall.


The right two columns in the following table should be empty when the adaptation of bsdinstall as a pc-sysinstall front-end is complete. Ideally, all columns will be empty.

pc-sysinstall features missing in BSDInstall

BSDinstall features missing in pc-sysinstall

Desired features missing in both

geli/gmirror/gstripe setup (UFS)

Non-x86 support

Full-manual partitioning (shell-based)

Jail Setup/Disk Image installation

Console keymap setup of existing system (should stay in front-end?)

Wireless setup (WPA, WEP, etc.)

IPv6 setup

Merge obstacles

In general, most of the bsdinstall tools just write settings to config files, and can be easily adapted to set up a pc-sysinstall config file instead. There are a few obstacles, however:


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