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At MeetBSD California 2010 (#meetbsdca), one of the break out sessions "finishing" and merging the mini-tcp stack and HTTP loader support in pxeboot gain enough interest. The idea would be to get this eventually into base.

The code as-is, does work with an old version os 6(?)-stable. However BTX and the loader changed enough since then, that some updating will be needed to get this into 8-stable and -head.

Download the Summer of Code Project

From the README:

pxe_http library is user space implementation of simplified
TCP/IP4 stack with support of sockets. Socket implementation is similar
to common sockets, but differs, so I call this variant of sockets -
"PXE sockets"

        features (read: simpliest ever implementation of):
                * supports TCP/UDP PXE sockets
                * DHCP client
                * DNS client
                * http based filesystem
                * ICMP echo

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