Paolo Pisati

Email: <piso AT FreeBSD DOT org>

  1. In Summer of Code 2005 i worked Libalias and ipfw, my mentor was Luigi Rizzo

  2. In Summer of Code 2006 i worked on interrupt filtering, my mentor was JohnBaldwin


I got a Master Degree in Computer Science at the University of Milan in 2003.

I have experience of work inside the FreeBSD kernel, particularly in the FreeBSD network stack: in 2005 i applied (and got chosen) at Summer of Code 2005, and had a chance to work on libalias and ipfw. As part of my research work, i spent the last months profiling FreeBSD's interrupt handling performance in 4.x and 7.x. From time to time, i like to profile different aspects of the FreeBSD kernel, in particular related to the network.

For my MS thesis, i wrote a firewall encapsulated inside a netgraph node, and just for fun i wrote a sort of bpf that let me manipulate network packets straight into the kernel.

Moreover I have experience of work/research in the field of packet classification and web clustering.


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