Steno plan for Office Hours and more

Search for referral to candidate providers both directly and through opensource conferences using their services, such as Pycon and YAPC.

Get contacts from koobs (PyCon Australia)

Contact consumers in steps 1-2 asking for:

Maybe something like:


I see from <URL> that you've provided transcription services for your conference in 2019. I'm currently searching for a similar service for a small opensource online event (FreeBSD-related) every other week, and I'd be interested in who (business/individuals) you used for that service and what you and conference attendees thought of them. If you can share contact information for them, that would be useful as well. Also, if you had to take on extra costs not paid to the transcription provider itself (and you can share), knowing what they were for and for what amount would help us, so these can figure into our budget if relevant to us.

Thanks in advance.

Contact providers in steps 1-3 asking for cost estimates:

People to contact: (Twitter @whitecoatcapxg - hopelessly busy, suggests for post-production transcription and no one for real-time captioning), (headed as of 2014 by a Deaf person - but having checked its website, it only books sign-language interpreters), (Hillary Maclean, suggested by someone at PyCon UK - emailed, waiting for answer), (for post-production, need to contact, has mixed reputation), (waiting for go-ahead from koobs, may be able to do both real-time captions and post-production).

Something like:


I got your name from <source>. I'm currently searching for a realtime transcription service for a small opensource recurring online event in English (FreeBSD-related), and I'd be interested in getting an estimate from you for the following 2 things: - Complete transcription after the fact for (as of September 19, 2020) 9 past 1-hour sessions recorded on YouTube, with an option for 7 past sessions of a different event, also 1-hour each, and 2 sessions of a third event, this one 7-hour long. - Realtime transcription and complete transcription for next sessions, starting with 1 1-hour session every 2 weeks, ramping up if successful to an additional 1-hour session every 2 weeks and a 7-hour session every 3 months.

What I'd like to see in the estimate: - Price for all past sessions - One-time set-up price and per-session price for live sessions (or alternatively, package price for 3 months including all sessions) - Scheduling requirements (eg, available timeslots and duration, advance notification needed) - Cost for stand-by transcriptionist if designated transcriptionist(s) unavailable for any reason - If possible/relevant, requirements for speakers (eg, turn-taking, no two can speak at the same time) - Experience dealing with various worldwide English accents and dialects, including a number of English-foreign-language speakers - References

Thanks in advance

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