FreeBSD/X11 TODO list


Here are quite a few things that are / will be or should be worked on soon.

Personal (flz) TODO list:

Here is a list of ports that may need fixing.

If you're in there, please fix. If you're not, pick any port maintained by , fix it and send-pr the patch with a self-explanatory synopsis (like "misc/foo: Remove dependency on X_CLIENTS_PORT".

Remove meta-ports dependencies

Remove dependency on USE_XLIB / USE_X_PREFIX

Why is it bad? If you use one of USE_XLIB / USE_X_PREFIX, your port will depend on xorg-libraries, which in turn depends on all the libraries. The more dependencies you have, the longer it takes to process them.

Everytime you use USE_XLIB / USE_X_PREFIX, God kills a kitten.

To fix a port, look for configure.{ac,in}, Makefile's, ... and establish a list of all the needed X libraries. Find the associated ports, then set USE_XORG to the list of those libraries. Remove USE_XLIB / USE_X_PREFIX occurrences.

If you have time on your hands, just grep -r USE_XLIB /usr/ports and find out which one are unmaintained. Fix, then send-pr with a synopsis like "misc/foo: Remove USE_XLIB in favor of USE_XORG".

Remove dependency on X_CLIENTS_PORT

To fix a port that depends on X_CLIENTS_PORT, it should be pretty easy. Make a list of all the X apps your port requires (that's the tricky part), find the associated ports (likely to be x11/<app>), add those in BUILD_DEPENDS and/or RUN_DEPENDS, remove references to X_CLIENTS_PORT, bump PORTREVISION. Bang, you're done.

Beware! Quite often, the apps will be runtime dependencies, so a successful build doesn't prove you have the correct set of RUN_DEPENDS.

Check USE_XPM references

USE_XPM=yes can be replaced by adding "xpm" to USE_XORG.

Check USE_IMAKE / X_IMAKE_PORT references

Some ports depend on devel/imake because they need gccmakedep or makedepend. Plus, USE_IMAKE implies USE_XLIB, so we really want to get rid of this.

If the port really depends on imake, then add:



(or both) may be enough.

USE_IMAKE ist used in at configure and install stage. If the following patch is applied to

 -.if defined(USE_IMAKE) && !defined(USE_X_PREFIX)
 +.if defined(USE_IMAKE) && !defined(USE_X_PREFIX) && !defined(USE_XORG)

A port with USE_IMAKE=yes can be migrated just by adding USE_XORG to its Makefile.

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